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HEAT WAVE 1965 by ArtBoy62 HEAT WAVE 1965 by ArtBoy62
Tropical heat tends to make parents in a cold climate hellishly grumpy...

Then anything can happen. It already has to this bad boy, his naughtiness has pushed his long suffering dad to the limits of endurance, and well... A bare bottom will need to be spanked if sanity is to prevail.

According to the announcer on the radio... 'The heatwave has just got a good deal hotter in the lower regions.'
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Never mind everyone hearing the spanking... I could see it quite clearly... As a teenage art student I rented a small apartment in one of these city tenement buildings. The windows were on opposite sides of a narrow compound where women and girls hung their fluttery panties on was day.

Being Merry England and cold more often than not, Heat waves were at first welcomed, then tolerated. Then detested... Nobody seemed to own an air conditioner in the 1960s and people left their windows wide open to catch what bit of cool air was available.

I saw scenes like this during my stay in that apartment. My eyes registered everything, like a camera and it's now stored in my brain's retreval system... I've never needed to upgrade this system, it seems to have gigs to spare... even at my age.
gakusangi Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
This reminds me of a story someone recounted about how it would be hot during the summer and their window would be open and something like this happening would be the worst because everyone would hear it XD
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