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March 14, 2013
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HAUNTED BEDROOMS, 1925 by ArtBoy62 HAUNTED BEDROOMS, 1925 by ArtBoy62
Boy to his sisters: "This house is haunted, a goest just appeared in my bedroom and gave me a spanking!"

Younger sister: "Really..! Why?"

Boy: "He said I had no business spanking my naughty monkey!"

Older sister: "What naughty monkey?"

Boy: Er..! Never mind, go back to sleep... I probably imagined it."
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CrimsonKidCK Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
I don't believe his sisters are as innocent as they're claiming--they look pretty 'ghostly' to me.

"Even if he figures it out, he can't tattle on us because he wasn't supposed to be touching himself down there, so he'll just get his bare buns whacked with Mom's wooden spoon--it's foolproof, sis..."
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
I was having tea in my best friends house as a 14 year old and the conversation suddenly turned to boyhood masturbation, the boys that did and the boys that didn't... in our opinion... 

My friend's mother overheard us, grinned and said confidently...

"All boys masturbate!" 

She looked at our stunned faces and dissolved into helpless laughter. Garry and I sat blushing with our mouths wide open. I suddenly realised that ladies knew boys better than we knew ourselves. 

The concept of boys not doing something because they're... 'Not Supposed To,' seems absurd to me now.

The two sisters are simply too naive, too innocent to know what my best friend's mother knew as an experienced woman of the world. They are creatures of the 1920s after all.

CrimsonKidCK Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Well, the girls may not have known exactly what "spanking my naughty monkey" meant--presuming that the expression was in use back in 1925--but they still might have known that their brother 'wasn't supposed to be touching himself down there,' especially since they'd probably been issued a similar maternal prohibition themselves.

All his sisters would have had to have known, in order to have smacked the boys' buns in the dark and believed he couldn't tattle on them afterward (even if he eventually were to realize that it wasn't a ghost or his imagination, given his red, sore bottom), was that he was doing something forbidden with his genitals.

I really don't see any other viable suspects--"Occam's Razor"... --C.K.
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
It's all very mysterious, or at least it was for boys and girls in the 1920s... Ignorance of all things sexual was actively encouraged by everyone in authority, parents, clergymen, school heads and their teachers... everyone!

The real mystery is how babies managed to be born at all. Some teen girls thought that kissing gave them unwanted babies, others thought that swimming in water with  nude boys could get them pregnant... Floating semen presumably? 

You may laugh now, but even some uneducated married women thought these myths were true... 

We should never assume that people in the 1920s had the same biological knowledge or social sensibilities that people have in the 21st Century...

The past is a foreign country, they did things differently there.
Wimpe Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Hahahaha - AWK-WAAAARRDD!  :O

Hellish situation - a young adolescent with crazy rushing hormones constantly firing off and swamping his young system (I'm not too old to remember those days!) - but knowing that relieving your tension-filled frustrations is gonna get you a ghostly ass-whoopin?  Sucks to be him!  :(

Maybe his big strong brave sisters could protect the poor lad.  ;) 
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
All adolescents, 1925 or now, are basically clueless... 

Their self confidence is as phoney as a ten dollar coin... 

The spanking was NOT administered by a ghost, thinks I... but someone pretending to be a ghost.

But I may be wrong.  
gakusangi Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
The time when you figure out you've said FAR too much XD
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
These girls don't know what 'Spanking The Monkey' means. It's 1925 for goodness sake... Girls knew their brothers had willies, but they assumed they only had one practical purpose... Taking a pee...

You may be surprised to learn that some girls still wonder what else you could use the funny looking thing for.
gakusangi Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
It's a strange day and age. I remember sex ed when I was in fourth grade, but I had already known all the mechanics before then ^^;
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
You can't compare 21st Century attitudes and norms with sexually ignorant adolescents in 1925.

Sex education was virtually unknown in English schools and homes during that era...

Most boys and girls did not know where babies came from and nobody was game enough to educate them...

20s and 30s society would have branded person dispensing sex education, as a devient of some kind.

Consequently kids like me as late as the 60s acquired my sex education in the school bike shed and at the back of my local cinema... A senior schoolboy kissing and groping and wondering how far I could go with this sex thing...

I still don't know and I'm an old codger now.
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