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The inspiration for this art came from the 1956 Hollywood movie... 'The Bad Seed.' This spanking came at the end of the movie when, like the Broadway play that inspired the movie, the whole cast took a final bow to their audience. When it was the mother's turn, she turned to her naughty killer brat, shook a motherly finger, then she advanced to, Rhoda who was sitting primly on the settee. She pulled her across her lap... The spanking looked pretty realistic with, Rhoda behaving for all the world like a kid who was being spanked for real, kicking her lanky legs and making one hell of a row, a credit to this fine actress and her wholly believable stage mother.

The only two changes to the original scene is the addition of colour... The original movie was in black and white... well, shades of grey actually, life is never black and white... and, Rhoda's dress, which was left in place in the movie and flipped over her hips in my art...

I've seen lots of real girl spankings as a boy in the 50s and 6os, but not one on the girl's dress or skirt. 90% were on exposed knickers, (panties,) 10% on bare bottoms. To see most spanking art these days, you'd think it was the other way around.

Evidently there is another 1980s version of this dark tale of a child killer, who was simply born evil. To me, the original 50s classic will remain the difinitive depiction of a bad seed kid.
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ragingspacebull Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
"I said to stop struggling! You'll only make it worse!"
lolismoke Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Spankings are just not right.  :iconnonoplz:
huberthowhow Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
As I recall, young Patty McCormack was giggling as she protested her spanking, and Nancy Kelly seemed to be pulling her punches, thus keeping the mood light and playful. (I doubt such a scene was duplicated in the 1980's version?)
SydneyCoalMinerGirl Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Professional Writer
bahahaha, the face on the mom, you can tell she was waiting for that moment :D the little brat deserved it EVIL Laughter! 
smackbottom Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
The producer-director would not have got away with your version of this scene... 

The, 'HAYS OFFICE' was the 1950s US censorship body that decided what could and could not be included in mainstream films.

Bare bottoms, adults or adolescents were out, even adult kissing while sitting on a bed was out...

Even socialist ideology was censored... Write a script where the workers of America were depicted as the heroes and their bosses, exploitative capitalists, and the script was blacklisted, along with it's author.

Some script writers, actors and directors were hauled in front a kangaroo court and browbeaten by paranoid fascist politicians who saw, Reds Under Their Beds...   

Because the movie writers, actors and directors refused to make their political affiliations public, refused to rat on their friends and fellow workers, they were blacklisted, refused contracts and cast out onto the street... some served prison sentences for, 'contempt of court.' 

How can one not be contemptuous of a fascist, kangaroo court?

Nobody really knows what the original script for, 'The Bad Seed' looked like... I'd say it was a lot darker and more subversive than the version we saw...

The idiotic ending with the bad girl falling into a raging river was about as lame as I've seen in any movie... I'd say it was forced on the script writer... 


Because the censors would not allow criminals or socialists to escape god's wrath... the laws wrath, Big Brother's wrath in the repressive 1950s

These days gangsters and hit men and even serial killers... (Dexter,) are depicted as anti-heroes and do their stuff with impunity... The censors look the other way.

Good thing too... Fiction is fiction, and creative people with their imaginations neutered by censorship are next to useless.

ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
The ordinal and best 'Bad Seed' movie had some serious plot flaws...

Mostly due to idiotic 1950s censorship that would not allow the movie to end with the mother protecting her killer child by burning the only evidence that linked her to a killing..

Scenes that should have been screened were left on the cutting room floor because, again, censorship morons considered them to gory...

For goodness sake! it was a 'Psycho' style movie, not a Walt Disney family values effort.

The spanking should have come after the evidence burning... It should have been the same, only not a fun style play spanking... The Bad Seed's frock should have been flipped over her hips and the spanking administered on her frilly panties... They had some really cute ones in the 1950s.

The end credits should have played then... leaving the audience to ponder the fate of the protective mother and killer daughter...

Did the girl eventually pay for her crimes? Did she kill her own mother to stop her giving evidence against her..?

Great scripts are always left open for us to complete.... Idiot scripts treat us like idiots and have the baddies finished off... laughably!

The Bad Seed falling off some dumb arced Hollywood wobbly set and into a raging river..? Would our bad girl have been so moronically stupid?

No way man! She'd have survived and killed the wobbly set builder to death... big time!
CrimsonKidCK Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
IIRC the evil little girl was electrocuted by a lightning bolt at the movie's end--but in the novel and play, plus the 1970s television adaptation, she survived while her mother ended up dying (suicide).

The moderate, rather playful spanking given as part of the cast introductions was probably intended to close the film on a lighter note in the viewers' minds...
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
In my view it's all Hollywood manipulation, if not outright censorship.

I hated the 70s version... I hate all modern rip-offs of classic black films... All that pretty colour and pretty art direction... This is an ultra dark story and it should have a dark ending... Not good winning out and the baddie ending up hit by a bolt of hevenly lightning... How corn ball can you get.

The best ending would have been the mother burning the murder evidence... That's the crux of the dilemma... To turn in your amoral monster kid... or protect her like a tiger protecting her young...

All the moralistic bullshit is the Hays office trying to hoodwink the public... again!

I loved the spanking, the only rival is the 1930s classic spank clip on YouTube... 'God's Step Children.' That was some spanking, on the panties too... The bad seeds panties remained under her cute 50s frock.
gakusangi Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
I think EVERYONE wanted this to be a real scene in that movie XD
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Good movie. Great acting. Awesome spanking XD. Do you do other movie spanking scenes?
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Yes... I'm doing them all the time for 'Spanking FanArt.' Stay tuned!
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
If you need to know movies that had them I know quite a few.
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Alright, list then, first edition... The obvious main stream movies I've seen on YouTube and other vid sights are...

The Bad Seed 1950s

The Captains Kid 1930s

Bless The Beasts And Children 1970s

Das Ekel 1950s

God's Step Children 1930s

Joe The King 1980s

The General 1990s... Irish Gangster Movie... There are other none spanking movies with this title.


Midnight Cowboy

Tihij Don

e' Lollypop

The Leaving Of Liverpool... 2 spanking scenes... 1 boy... and... 1 girl.

Barry Lyndon... 3 boy spanking scenes

These one are off the top of my head, there are lots more in none English language movies... French, Russian, Italian, German etc.
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
here are a few that have kids/teens:

Kill Bill, volume 1

Dorris D

Youth in revolt

The children

Naughty Nanette

Miracle of Bern

Lord of the flies

The toilers.

I don't know the name of it but there is a movie where two girls tease a young boy, he may be ten, and one says his mother is a prostitute so he takes her to the back of a coat room, pulls her skirt up and spanks her.
silentstorm666 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Can anyone give me the name of the last one?  Sorry for the double post.
silentstorm666 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Does anyone know the name of that last one?
CrimsonKidCK Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
IIRC the original version of "True Grit" features Glen Campbell briefly switching Kim Darby over her dress while he's pinning her face-down to the ground. (Unfortunately, John Wayne makes him stop way too soon.)

A maternal strapping of a preteen boy (by Sally Field) is overheard by others but not shown on screen in "Places in the Heart."

In the artsy-style 'minimalist' film "Dogville," a young boy is briefly handspanked, at his own insistence, over her knee by Nicole Kidman.

There's a fairly emphatic schoolboy paddling scene (over clothing) in "Dead Poets Society," and a fraternity one (over underpants) in "Animal House." (Both male/male, which isn't especially my cup of tea.)

There's a very good sorority paddling scene (over skimpy panties) near the beginning of the otherwise ridiculous movie, "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama," although it has too many cutaways to the three dorky guys spying on the festivities. (Also, I was disappointed that the sorority sisters caught the peepers but didn't let the pledges paddle them, which struck me as obvious retribution.)
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
The last one is on YouTube... The spanking would have been better had the girl been wearing panties without tights, I've always found tights really ugly for some reason. No idea what the name of this movie is either, but the girl certainly said the wrong thing alright.

I found 'Kill Bill' ridiculous and over the top... All those flashing medieval blades and slipping on baddie blood... If just one Japanese gangster baddie had thrown his sword down and let loose with a sub machine pistol, that nutty sword fetishist, martial arts girl would have been history. Real gangsters don't mess around with ancient weaponry, they use shotguns, machine pistols, handguns, bombs... you know 21st Century weapons.

'Lord Of The Flies' had an original English version, the boy is caned naked... and the American re-make, the boy is caned in his threadbare Y-Fronts. Both scenes were over in an instant... Don't blink or you'll miss both of them.
Rie-Anessia Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
Lols to both lord of the flies and Kill Bill. I'm not for the gore and stuff. The only reason I knew about that was because when the movie came out my dad was watching it and I so happened to hear the spanking take place. Then I looked for it.

I also agree on the girl. Tights aren't as good as stockings, which are more sheer.
ArtBoy62 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
We should keep our eyes out for other mainstream spanking clips out there... There must be lots of them, especially in foreign movies. They tend to be more realistic anyway. Maybe those movie censors thought...

"No rude hanky-panky, just discipline spanking... That's ok!"
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