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June 5, 2013
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ATER THE SPANKING 1945 by ArtBoy62 ATER THE SPANKING 1945 by ArtBoy62
This is a period for calm reflection... ok, so your rump feels as if it's on fire and you'll have to lay on your tummy so the cool air can work its magic...

But on the plus side... The ordeal was over shortly after it had started...

and basically... That's the end of the story..! No endless, boring detentions, no confiscations of priceless cricket bats... or precious footballs...

No, on the whole, you can't beat a well leathered bottom...

Or is that a contradiction in terms?
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Earthbound-Addict Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I find it kind of calming to cool down after a good spanking.  
for some reason this boy reminds me to mandark, from dexter's lab :P
A bit hard to think when your butt hurts.
I find in concentrates the mind wonderfully.
Such memories and yes rather a spanking than being grounded
Grounding is cruel and unusual punishment.
Axiniana Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist
I loved being grounded. It meant I did not have to leave my room with my books, my dolls, my bed and stuff. I hated being outside >.<
What I mean, is that it is not cruel for everyone. =)
For me the worst thing was when my parents stopped talking to me and replying to my words. It never lasted more than an hour, but it was the worst ever >.<
You sound like a sensitive girl, some young people are quite happy in their own safe, familiar surroundings and If that is the case, it doesn't really come under the heading of parental punishment. Punishment is meant to be unpleasant or annoying or boring or tedious or, in the case of spanking... painful without being excessively brutal... I don't think my parents or my teachers ever administered a brutal chastisement. If they had I would have remembered it.

Your parents should always listen to you... Respect is a two way thing. You thought that they had withdrawn their love, and that must have been much worse than any other punishment.

Silence can destroy even the closest relationship, sometimes permanently... And don't ask me how I know this as a fact.

Keep contacting me... I'm old and wise... and well... I basically know everything about everything.
Axiniana Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist
It is true that I was a sensitive girl, but I also used to be a selfish sarcastic brat. I only had one response for any kind of punishment my parents tried to administer - I stopped talking and eating until they apologized and promised to never do this again. After my father tried to spank me once, I didn't talk to Mom until evening, and to him for like four days. I was three or four years old... It was the last time they tried to spank me =) The first and the last.

After I did this several times, they only had one option - to "forbid" me from leaving house or my room. It was the only "punishment" I reacted ok to.

I wonder if many children are like that, and, if so, what are their parents supposed to do with them. My Mom said many years later that she was frustrated and scared when I acted like this.
It sounds as if you were manipulating your parents from an early age...

Bad, bad, bad girl...

To use your parents natural love, natural concern for you as a weapon is only an acceptable excuse because of your extreme youth and inexperience.

Mind games and silence warfare are instinctive feminine traits and I was not attuned to them as a callow boy in the 50s and 60s...

When I was naughty I knew I'd cop a good spanking and that was that. I also knew that my parents and teachers would not relent because of anything I did... or did not do.

As I say, you managed to manipulate your father into avoiding correction that would actually have corrected you, in favour of a pseudo pussy none punishment, that simply reinforced your manipulative... "I always get what I want," attitude.

I wish I could say something positive, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

Better to say it like it is, rather than spout bullshit.
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