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It's the big things that tick me off, you can't punish someone for fictional work because it's NOT REAL!  We learn the difference between real and make believe when we're very young children, did we all just FORGET that part?



The terminally dirty minded and prejudiced never really learned that basic, but vital difference between cold hard facts and hot fiction...

Read on...

They read a book like, 'Lolita' for instance, and automatically think... 

"Gee! this author must have a thing for pre teen girls in puritan America. Why wasn't the book banned? why wasn't the author arrested for child pornography?"

If said dirty minded puritan read some real facts... 

about the My Lai massacre for instance... Don't know about it? too young? too politically naive, too well protected from reality in the real world... Click on this link...

This 'HORRIFICALLY REAL' real life event came at a time when pressure group puritans in America were fixated on 'Lolita' and wanted this PURE FICTION book banned and burned...

They were probably the same people who thought that their own soldiers butchering and raping 12 year old girls in Vietnam was perfectly o.k... 

Thousands of, so called, patriots... They were actually apologists for home grown war criminals.... pressured the US government and military to have a mass killing colonel and his band of merry child rapists and killers released from custody and cleared of all charges against them.

This concerted... 'War Criminals Are Cool So Long As Their Our War Criminals' mass campaign worked... Not a single rapist / slayer from this mega atrocity served an appropriate sentence in the big house.

No my friend... Reality and fiction become blurred in some people's minds... most people's minds... 

thanks to billion dollar new-speak political and social campaigns in the media, to bare faced lies about none existant threats to national security... to personal security, to overseas events... 

The list of official lies that suddenly became the official truth for the masses is endless...

Suffice to say... The brainwashed masses hate Lolita, love their hired killers in uniform... even when they're raping and butchering 12 year olds, and younger, brown skinned girls in some futile, immoral war... in someone else's country.

When, Mohamed Ali refused to commit government and militarily sanctioned atrocities in Vietnam... He was called all manor of nasty names and risked doing hard time in the big house... 

Rapists and child killers go free... moral men of conscience risk persecution and incarceration...

I ask you people... Is that justice..? More importantly... Is it any different now..?

One famous boxer, one man with a conscience, a respect for human life, brown shinned human life included, and the powers that be panic, the powers that be think... 

"Gee! what if more people of conscience say they don't want to fight our immoral wars... don't want to slaughter innocent civilions overseas... 

The war mongers and arms dealers couldn't keep making their absurd propaganda speeches... couldn't keep making billions shedding other people's blood...?

What an unmitigated disaster that would be... 

for our dear leader... Big Brother!!

You all have to bow when our dear leader's name is spoken or printed... Or else!


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Blitzzzart Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
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simpleman26 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
Thanks for the fav!
chernika Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015
Wonderful gallery !! Love your spanking art !! ^^
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Hey, this user ripped off your work:…
Raznhell Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Interesting--your journal, that is.  Sorry I didn't read it until now.  In early years I knew one of the guys who was in on the My Lai massacre.  He said the media were wrong, "We didn't charge in there all crazy, we took our time with good target selection and deliberation."

           Shortly after our conversation--a week later--he killed his wife and himself.

Thanks for putting this in print at a late date, lest we in the US forget it.  As for you Australian lot, thanks ever so much for standing with us in Southeast Asia; our troops there had nothing but good to say about you.

I'm going to be in your part of the world in July.
potterstoke Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
I've been an admirer of your work for some time. A great combination of nostalgia and clean, simple art. Long may you continue.
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Just discovered your awesome works..  you're a great Artist!
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Happy birthday Alan! :party: :spank: :cake:
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